Trump impeachment: President Joe Biden says Democracy is weak

Trump impeachment: President Joe Biden says Democracy is weak

After the acquittal of Donald Trump on Monday by the Senate, the US president has insisted the nation's democracy is weak. He insisted that Mr. Trump was guilty of inciting people against the house members. 

Our Democracy is weak- President Biden 

The US President has insisted that the acquittal of the former president, Donald Trump acquittal by the senate means democracy is weak. He said that after overwhelming evidence about how the ex-president incited the crowd to storm the Washington Capitol. 

A total of 7 Republicans supported the Democratic members by voting to convict the ex-president, but it fell short of the required two-thirds needed. President Biden said the charges of Mr. Trump were not in dispute. However, the former president said his acquittal was a victory for democracy as it was more of a witch hunt and based on hatred. He has been accused of urging his supporters to break into the congress on January 5. 

Mr. Donald Trump action was a sad day for us - Biden 

Prosecutors on the side of democrats said Trump told his supporters he was rigged out which stoked hatred among the mob. Impeaching the US president is rare, as only two former presidents have been impeached, Nixon and Bill Clinton. But, Donald Trump remains the only one to have been impeached twice.

'' Though the final results didn't convict Mr. Trump, the main issue wasn't in the contest. This is a really sad affair for our democracy. All Americans must be responsible and not incite violence. Mr. Trump failed in this part.''

So far, Mr. Biden has refrained from talking about Trump's trials and just watching on the side. Close Aides has insisted that he doesn't want to be distracted in his duties.  In other news, Mr. Trump has refused to comment on his next line of action as he says he wants to concentrate more on his business for now.


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